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Admit it - you just want to feel something.

At Sixteen Corners, we unapologetically create TV shows, commercials and branded content from an 'audience-first' perspective, with great visuals, attention to storytelling and an emotional payoff that makes the journey worthwhile.

Since 2011, we've partnered with networks, agencies and businesses to connect brands to stories, and stories to people. We leverage our vast experience in film, broadcast TV, advertising and online to make every production a smooth working relationship.

So we don't just make great TV shows, TVCs, corporate comms, animation and branded content...


...we make stuff that moves you.



Mike Cardillo


A multi-disciplinary producer, director, writer, designer and educator, Mike has worked across nearly every facet of broadcast TV, commercials and branded content.

As Co-Founder and Creative Director of Sixteen Corners, his passion for emotionally-driven, audience-first storytelling is invested into every project, whether a corporate comms project, or producing Eurovision or the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras for SBS.


Over a 20 year career, he's made ads in Singapore, constructed a rollercoaster in a studio, appeared on Belarusian TV, voiced Papa Giuseppi, and worked with everyone from The Wiggles to the Prime Minister. His last TV show, Adam & Poh's Malaysia in Australia, was nominated for an AACTA Award in 2021.

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Fiona Cardillo

Executive Producer

An organisational and relationship-management powerhouse with a flair for the creative, Fiona’s 22 years in the film and TV industry have honed her into a multidisciplinary producer who values clear communication above all else.


Starting at the ABC working on classic shows such as The Chaser and New Inventors, Fiona’s career has comfortably straddled the worlds of broadcast TV, advertising, corporate comms, and pioneering web-based content, including producing an early prototype of ABC’s Q&A program.


As Co-Founder and Executive Producing Partner of Sixteen Corners, she brings all her experience and diverse talents to bear on our most challenging projects.

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