film school.

Telling video stories well is a fundamental part of most businesses...

…and yet not every business does this well.


At Sixteen Corners, we offer a suite of workshops, from one-hour talks to six week-long programs, designed to upskill your business in the art of making compelling videos - whether for marketing, advertising, training or business culture.


Whether it’s understanding how to better utilise video to achieve your business objectives, learning how better to interface with your current content providers, or connecting your staff through filmmaking collaborations, we can customise our workshops to suit any business, age and experience level.


Sixteen Corners has helped thousands of people, from high school-age students to senior leaders, taking them through every step of the process to creating their own powerful, engaging video content.


Have our Creative Partner, Mike Cardillo, give your business a free one-hour workshop on how to make better video content.


Choose from a series of short packages, targeted to the needs of your business, on a variety of topics about video creation.

Hands-on advice, personalised for your team and project, helping enhance your video project every step of the way.



Sessions, run once a week for six weeks, taking teams through the entire filmmaking process, producing your own film by the end of the course.